Mittwoch, 5. September 2012

Skin Care ABC ツ

Hey Dolls,

Today’s post is about our figurehead: skin. Skin is the first thing you notice about a person, especially in the face area. I have to admit I wasn't always into the whole beauty thing. Actually growing up I was the stereotype of a Tomboy, best believe.
Anything Beauty related was pretty much a different language for me. When puberty attacked me, acne and eczema were my daily headaches. Now that I'm older my skin did get better, but I'm still struggling. This is why over the time I educated myself a lot about skin and its proper care by doing a lot of research.
I learned that using too many acne treatment products results in over drying your skin and makes it look unhealthy. In my case, we are talking about severe combination skin. My skin gets very oily and shiny especially in the T - Zone. Having oily skin basically means your pores are thirsty and will over produce sebum (oil), which creates a perfect environment for bacteria to grow into a nasty pimple.
So the secret formula is to moisturize! Next to managing my combination skin, my daily skin routine is focused on moisturizing my skin, get rid of zits, dead skin, black heads and dark spots.
Our skin is very sensitive obviously, so every skin type needs different care since some are more likely to break out or have a allergic reaction to certain products. I recently found what works best for my skin and I'm soooo stoked about it
If you want to know exactly how, what purpose for or in which order I use the products, let me know and I'll do a video review on it. I will soon launch my YT Channel, as soon as I get settled in my new apartment.
With that said, I hope I was able to give you a little inside with my Amateur knowledge!
Happy Skin Care!

Bisou, Bisou

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