Donnerstag, 23. August 2012

Welcome to my Blog ツ❤

Hey Everyone!!

This my my very 1st Blog Entry, soo I am suuuper excited, to get this started.
I'm Juliet by the way 21, born and raised in Germany, native Ghanian and a Life Lover!Anyways I’ve always been attracted by the power of transformation fashion has on people and their mindset, but I never really thought it through. The past 18 months I lived in the United States and while I was there I actually really got into the whole Fashion, Beauty Guru world. My time over there was amazing and the best experience I could have wished for myself. It also was a major asset in building my self confidence, be comfortable with who I am and ultimately starting this blog. I know there are toooooons of awesome Beauty Blogs/Channels out there, so you probably think, what is so different about you?! Well I live by the Motto: "If something makes you happy,do it. If it doesn't,don't."

I'm now back in Germany getting ready to start university and a new chapter. I'm a sucker for Fashion, Beauty, Make Up and Blogging so with this, all of that comes together

I'll be posting on here bilingual/zweisprachig, partly english and partly deutsch, just to make it a lil bit more fun and more Me - yeaahy
Stay tuned for many more posts, my soon to be launched Youtube Channel and swing by my Facebook Page - Like, Post and Comment.

Let's make Magic happen!

Bisou, Bisou